PLEASE PRINT D 3822 E. Broad Street DATE START HERE CONTACT NAME PHONE Fax your order to 614 -237-9593. PICK-UP TIME PAGE OF Call 614 -600-3001 to confirm. BURRITOS TACOS SALADS BURRITOS BOWLS Cilantro-lime rice black or pinto beans meat salsa and cheese or sour cream. Served in a flour tortilla or in a bowl. NAME ORDER BEANS RICE FAJITA BURRITO BURRITO BOWL VEG CRISPY TACOS SOFT FLOUR TACOS WHITE BROWN BLACK PINTO SOFT CORN TACOS SALAD WITH CIRCLE ONE CHK CAR STEAK SALSA BAR MILD TOM MED...
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Oh wow it looks like I have a package now I know exactly what this is and I'm really excited one of my only gripes about summer is that when I drive this car which is my car this is the car that I Drive it has no a/c I'm really happy I have a car I'm really blessed that I have a car but it gets really hot so the only way to cool down and not sweat from just sitting here like I'm doing now is to go fast with the windows down and just have the wind blow in your face I call it go fast auditioning just like air conditioning but not quite made pretty good timing it only took me like three songs do any of you guys do that where instead of like counting my minutes you count how many songs play in your car I do that it's it's a pretty good form of measurement but anyways we're gonna go get the secret package hurry package equals received look at that quality packaging like it came with foam a foam layer and then you're saying and the pop filter and the microphone that is some high quality packaging if I've ever seen something you guys probably don't find me getting a microphone as exciting as I find myself getting a microphone but it's just one more tool that I can use to create better content and just improve my content on my channel and to me that's super exciting and who's gonna complain about better videos or at least I hope they're better who's gonna complain about videos that I think I'm doing a better job at making right right I hope so mom why do you have a can of compressed air in your car for doing your that's how you clean your vents mom and dad where are we going right now she build a do you want to say that normally really horribly this is Chipotle now I've been to Chipotle that decent amount and there's definitely an art to ordering it's not it's not just super straightforward and simple there's an art to ordering your Chipotle so the first major decision you're gonna have to make is do you want a bowl or do you want a burrito tortilla or not two tortilla that is the question and that is going to be a bit and that is gonna be the important deciding factor on what you're gonna get today I was feeling a bowl so I went bowl second super important thing to keep in mind is that you can get extra of anything except wacom only and any protein extra of anything for free so load up that bowl and or burrito and just munch out because it's free and the final rule I didn't really want to be biased but I guess I'm a happy as always get half chicken kind of snake I don't care what you say about it what you say half chicken half sting is in fact the best combo so with all that being said and out of the way I'm gonna give you IMO in my opinion the best Chipotle order you can possibly get it'll blow your chipotle mine so first off burrito or Bowl doesn't matter both are equally delicious then you're gonna go white rice because it's a fact white rice is so much better than brown rice and then you're gonna hit up the black beans because it's also affect...